SurfSkiCast 1.23.15 – Large Clean Groundswell & Deep Pow

For the second week in a row, the northeastern USA has great Surf and Ski Weather.. at the same time.

BlueHillFrodighJan222015 BlueHillJan222015BluehillSunsetJan222015About 35 years ago I learned to ski at The Great Blue Hill in eastern Massachusetts, had a great time there this week. That night we got our first inch of snow on Cape Cod.

SnowSouthDennisJan222015That snow came on fringe of storm that generated this great swell in Massachusetts Bay on Friday January 23rd, and there is plenty more where this came from.


Also nice to meet the surf riding (and barking) Thomas Littauer Family out for a mid-winter family sunset session.

SurfJan25AndrewLithouerWhy not include in a Josh Wirth Ski Video from Vermont too.

Josh: “The last 5 days have featured some of the best January skiing and riding in recent memory here in Northern VT. Consider while watching this edit that West Texas has a foot of snow on the ground, Burlington, VT has none whatsoever, and just 50 miles away we’re rockin’ conditions like this:”



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