Late March 2014 Nor’easter Surf Forecast

Here comes another major storm. What a great year for surf and ski so far.

Wind and snow are due here in Scituate MA Tuesday Night and Wednesday morning.
Initially the wind is from the northeast, probably 30-40 degrees on the compass at sunset Tuesday.
Wind will increase from 20-25 mph by 9pm Tuesday to 35-40 mph after midnight. The wind direction should back from 30 degrees to 360 degrees by sunrise Wednesday. This is when the heaviest weather will be passing, we may see

gusts past 55 mph as the wind shifts to more offshore early Wednesday, probably about 330 degrees. Wind should diminish significantly late morning and afternoon.
Thanks to the progressive speed, and track more than 120 miles east of Cape Cod we SHOULD BE spared significant impact. Though we may have to remove another 6″-10″ of snow, flooding should be minimal.
But our seawall is pretty beaten up, this is another straw on the camel’s back.

Here is a link to tide and flood forecast.

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