Don’t Let a Little Rain Get You Down


During a ‘White Knuckle’ Drive north, through 2 lanes of fresh powder (Slush & Ice too) from Franconia Notch New Hampshire to Troy Vermont.. all you can think of while trying to keep the Red Rover Steady & Straight, is the rationality of enduring the hell ride with the goal of earning the 1st chair in the morning..

Then You Wake up To This!? Ouch
What to do?? Get a Grip!!

It’s been 3 weeks (also 3 weeks since the last rain at Jay) since this Twit-pic went out.. saying something like  “$#:( we don’t see in ski reports”.  . That post got me in a little hot rain water with my kind hosts.

After an Attitude Adjustment, I strapped up e up and headed out. Oh the Tram is on Wind Hold you say? Great! Is the Magic Carpet open? No Magic Carpet? ok. May I hike? Wise Guy.. Head over to Jet Chair.. we just Made 20′ of snow and mowed it last night.

First run was in Timbuktu, that was the goal anyway. Sure enough I got in there early, and there were the 3″ I drove in last Night, just a tad soggy. But truth is, light rain and fog makes for a soft & easy ski turn. Skiing in the damp mild weather, a temperature of 34 is what Bpb Stucke calls Hero snow. Who is Bob Stucke, he is a life long ski instructor, earlier at Windham NY,  now at Jay Peak Resort in Vermont. Bill had a little down time and let me take a run with him. Then on the next lift ride he Said, “You are this close to being an Excellent Skier”. This close huh? I how do close the gap. This is where pay back comes for the effort to get from way south to way north.. Bob turned from Instructor to Jay Ambassador, offering us these great tips on improving our turns. He says our “Ski is Eager to Turn’. Let the skis do the work.

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