Emergency Landing in Orlando

Hopefully this a just a once in a lifetime experience.
Here is a bit of video from inside the plane after we landed safely.

Less than an hour after American Airlines Flight 160 lifted off from Miami en-route to Boston, just as food and beverages were being served, the Pilot announced ‘a problem in the cockpit’. He (not sure of his name) said there was an issue with the windshield and ‘we have descended to 10,000 feet and will be landing in about 15-20 minutes.’
The flight attendants quickly and calmly reclaimed food trays and prepared to land.
We held at 10,000 flying slowly over the ocean as the pilot kept us up to date on the situation.
Another pilot on-board the flight in first class was brought into the cockpit to assist.
The captain periodically announced updates in a calm professional voice, saying he ‘has 30 years of experience, and there is a procedure we must follow.. our windshield has pretty much disintegrated.. we will be landing in Orlando in a few minutes’.
About 45 minutes after the first announcement we experienced a smooth landing in Orlando.
Emergency crews were on the tarmac and immediately boarded the airplane. There were no injuries. But there were a few shaken up passengers (many prayers, a few tears).
We went into the terminal in Orlando and learned a new plane would be ready to take us home within a short time.
The rest of the night went smoothly. We arrived in Boston at 2:30 am and passengers applauded our pilots as we pulled into the gate at Logan airport.

We have been up for 22 hours

here is photo of windshield, see cracks on left side.
Apparently a single crack spotted at about 30,000′ webbed across the entire left side by the time we landed.


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