Coastal Erosion Brings People Together – Cape Cod 1.29.16

One of my favorite sayings is..
“Strangers are friends we have not met yet.”
So true on January 29th, 2016 when I wanted video of the undermined stairs at Nauset Light Beach on The Cape Cod National Seashore. Out of great respect for ‘The Stick Police’ I chose to drive a mile south to Coast Guard Beach and hike the beach a mile north to get the video. (Instead of ‘breaking the law’ and scrambling down the publicly owned dune).
But the effort was meant to be, so I could meet self-described Beachcomber – Danny L’Engle Davis, who also made the trek. Great to meet you Danny!
How many years in a row have these stairs been undermined by erosion? Four, four years in a row is the correct answer.






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